China repeals the ‘Two Child Policy’ allows Chinese to have 3 children

The Chinese government announced how it had allowed it’s citizens to start giving birth to three children  repealing the two child policy.

In the past three decades, the Chinese have not been permitted to have more than one child until in 2015 when the government replaced the one child policy with the two child policy. This was in a bid to prevent the population from outgrowing the available economic resources.

However in a Politburo meeting chaired by President Xi Jinping, the government relaxed the old rules and introduced ones as reported in the national daily newspaper, Xinhua.

The Chinese population had been of late growing old and this threatened the economic interest of the country.

The Chinese census released that is carried out once in ten years showed that only 12 milling babies had been born last year.

This was the lowest number since 1961 when China underwent the Great Famine.

China started easing these rules in 2013 and in 2016, couples were allowed to have two children.

The news was welcomed with great enthusiasm naming the Chinese nationals. China hopes to continue dominating the world economically mainly because if it’s young population that provides labor.

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