32 people confirmed dead following the eruption of Mt Nyiragongo, Congo

Authorities have so far confirmed that 32 people were killed by the violent eruptions from one of the most active volcanos in Africa, Mount Nyiragongo in Goma, Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo two days ago.

The death toll on Monday increased from 22 people that were reported on Sunday to 32 people and the number is likely to increase as they continue discovering more casualties.

The Mountain that issued a little turning turned fierce on Saturday with effusive explosions that destroyed over 600 homes in nearby villages.

Although evacuations were done by the government from the area, they were not timely enough with some of the residents being found dead in their homes.

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More than a dozen people were killed in car accidents as they tried to escape from the furious mountain while others were hit by falling torrents of lava according to officials and survivors.

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