Christiano Ronaldo’s Soul-Touching Letter To Manchester United Fans

After a sensation move move to his mother club Manchester United was announced on Friday 27th August, many words have crossed over for all ends of the world, but the latest is the letter the five Ballon d’Or winner has written to Manchester United fans.

He wrote this message on his social media platforms few hours after the Premier League announced Christiano Ronaldo will don the jersey seven (7)  at the Red Devils.

Here his letter reads….

Everyone who knows me, knows about my never ending love for Manchester United. The years I spent in this club where absolutely amazing and the path we’ve made together is written in gold letters in the history of this great and amazing institution.

I can’t even start to explain my feelings right now, as I see my return to Old Trafford announced worldwide. It’s like a dream come true, after all the times that I went back to play against Man. United, and even as an opponent, to have always felt such love and respect from the supporters in the stands. This is absolutely 100% the stuff that dreams are made of!

My first domestic League, my first Cup, my first call to the Portuguese National team, my first Champions League, my first Golden Boot and my first Ballon d’Or, they were all born from this special connection between me and the Red Devils. History has been written in the past and history will be written once again! You have my word!

I’m right here!
I’m back where I belong!
Let’s make it happen once again!

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