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Biography of Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata Batte

Biography of Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata Batte

Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata (1950s-2020) was a Uganda religious leader, Muslim cleric and leader of Dawa is in Uganda. He died on December 04th 2020 at International Hospital Kampala where he was receiving treatment.

Sheikh Muzaata was born in mid 1950s to the late Adam Muzaata in Lufula Zone near Kimombasa area in Bwaise, Kampala. According to the Bukedde, Muzaata’s grandfather Kamadi Muzaata was a traditional doctor who came from Tanzania in 1850s and became a personal doctor of Queen Dowager Muganzirwazza the mother of King (Kabaka) Mwanga II.

Sheikh Muzaata was a family man with two wives. His first wife who was the daughter of the late Bujirita separated with him and he married two wives that he was staying with the first one being Qurusum Muzaata who works with Kampala’s governing authority KCCA.

Education Background of Sheikh Muzaata

He started studying Koran at home being taught by his father before being taken to school. He was then taken to Bilal Islamic School in Bwaise. A wise and clever boy, Muzaata was performing well in class, feared and respected by his fellows because of his gigantic size and integrity.

From Bilal Islamic School, Muzaata was transferred to another Islamic school known as Bilal Quran Islamic School formerly known as Binyira in Wandegeya where he continued to gain expertise in Islamic religion and Arabic. It was at Bilal Quran School in Wandegeya that Muzaata led a strike that destroyed school’s property worth millions of shillings.

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When Muzaata left Bilal Quran Islamic School in 1982, he joined Islamic University of Madinah a University established by the royal decree in 1961 in the holy city of Medinah, Saudi Arabia. It was at the University of Madinah that Muzaata got ordained as Sheikh.

Career history of Muzaata

Upon return, Muzaata started preaching Islam in mosques in Kampala. He established a tour and travel company that was taking people going for Umrah and Hijja. Muzaata has been doing this business up to his death for over 30 years.

Muzaata was appointed as the head of Dawa in Uganda in 2009 January a divine duty he performed till his death in 2020.

Activism of Muzaata.

From his Secondary School education at Bilal Quran Islamic School, Sheikh Muzaata participated in various activities that included debate and politics. In his career, Muzaata was known for speaking against what he thought was evil without fear or favor.

He was one of the Sheikhs who disagreed with the sale of Muslim properties by individual office holders. Properties that were sold included buildings and land where he tasked leaders to explain who sold those properties and requested for those properties to be returned back to Muslims. It is because of this that Sheikh Muzaata and Sheikh Shaban Mubagye whom Muzaata accuses of selling Islam property have been sworn enemies.

In 2015, Muzaata attacked Buganda Kingdom’s prime minister Katikiro Charles Peter Mayiga who was collecting money inform of ‘Ettofali’ from loyal subjects to build Masengere, a storied building for the Kingdom. Muzaata said that the Katikiro was taking advantage of people’s loyalty and ‘looting’ their money yet some of the citizens were too poor to contribute to such luxurious projects. “Is he going to build a hospital that one day you will fall sick and be taken there for treatment?” Muzaata was heard questioning people of Butambala who had donated 80M towards the building project yet their schools, churches and hospitals were in an appalling condition.

In 2017 Muzaata together with Tamale Mirundi questioned Buganda’s ‘Kyapa Mungalo Project’ where Muzaata asked why people who were born and raised on Buganda land are now being given Leaseholds with an expiry date of 49 years yet those people have lived on that land for all of their lifetime and have been paying ground rent ‘Obusuulu’ well.

In 2019 Muzaata blessed a marriage between a gynecologist Hamza Ssebunya and singer Rema Namakula where he congratulated Rema from being with ‘Love Niggas, Ssemyekozo’ a local phrase describing boys who are now mature and serious in love which created a fracas between a renowned Sheikh and Rema’s ex husband Eddy Kenzo who took it as a direct attack on him. The two solved their misunderstandings in October 2020.

Muzaata in 2017 also attacked the renowned comedian MC Mariachi accusing him of making fun of Islam religion and also making derogatory jokes about the religion. Mariachi would later meet Muzaata in person and apologized.

Muzaata also attacked former inspector of police Gen Kale Kayihura accusing him of entering in wrangles of Islam and fueling them challenging him to solve religious wrangles in his motherland Kisoro and leave issues of Muslims alone.

In 2020, Muzaata was heard in video recording asking the government to work for its people but to stop telling them stories of ‘We fought in the bush’ yet no one sent them to the bush. Video here below.

Sickness and Death of Sheikh Muzaata.

Sheik Nuhu Muzaata was rushed to the hospital on November 22nd 2020 at International Hospital Kampala (IHK) and taken to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Rumors immediately started spreading that Sheikh Muzaata has been poisoned while others suspected COVID-19.

According to Sheikh Ndirangwa, the head of the Kibuli Muslim sect, Muzaata was tested for COVID-19 and he tested negative. The Sheikh also dismissed rumors that Sheikh Muzaata has been poisoned.

Ndirangwa described Sheikh Muzaata’s sickness as a ‘normal’ sickness though he did not exactly describe the name or symptoms of that ‘normal’ sickness.

Despite several promising messages from his Doctor who said in a video that he is responding to treatment and Sheikh Ndiragwa who said that he is yet to be discharged, Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata Batte was pronounced dead on December, 4 2020 at Kampala International Hospital.

Muzaata has lived his life as an upright man in the eyes of men, who never feared to speak against what is hurting people. He will forever be cemented in the hearts of Ugandans.


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