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Fred Kajjubi Lumbuye | Full Biography

Fred Kajjubi Lumbuye | Full Biography

Fred Kajjubi Lumbuye is a Ugandan Social Media Influencer, Blogger, Youtube Vlogger and Educator, a renowned critic of the incumbent president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

Lumbuye is one of the Ugandans in diaspora and has been working in Turkey. He gained fame after starting his daily programs on Facebook where he criticizes the government his Facebook bio reads “am political activists fighting dictatorship of Museveni who has ruled Uganda for 34 years,”

He is popular with his controversial messages and insider stories where he claims to be knowing secrets in government and state house before they are known to the public.

He has been identified by some people as a Whistle blower while Kyadondo East MP and shadow Foreign Minister – Muwanda Nkunyingi described him as a ‘Human Rights Activist’.


Fred Kajjubi Lumbuye has managed to garner following in the last two years that he has spent giving message to the public. He is one of the most followed Ugandans on social media.

Lumbuye runs a Facebook account and a Facebook page with a Facebook account having 28,000 followers while his official Facebook page has 166,000 followers.

He has a Twitter handle which has 7000 followers

A YouTube channel with 50,400 subscribers and an excess of 5,355,937 views

With an Instragram channel that has 7500 followers.

Source of Controversy.

Fred Lumbuye subscribes to People Power Philosophy and is one of the National Unity Platform Members in diaspora. He started criticizing Museveni heavily during the recently concluded General Elections.

He branded Museveni as a serial killer whom he accused of killing various big name officers.

In his various live videos, Lumbuye claimed that the government worked with Prime Minister of Buganda Katikiro Peter Mayiga and Queen Consort of Buganda Her Majesty Nabagereka Sylvia Nagginda to poison the Kabaka of Buganda.

He also said that the government planned to assassinate the Catholic Archbishop of Kampala  Cyprian Kizito Lwanga who later died of heart complications and Lumbuye went on to accuse the government to be behind his death.

With these and many other videos, Lumbuye was already on wanted list of Ugandan Police as they accused him of spreading false propaganda.

In June 2021, rumors spread all over social media with users announcing Yoweri Kaguta Museveni as they claimed he had died and the government was keeping it as a secret. Museveni would later appear in public while addressing the World Health Summit at Munyonyo on 27th June.

In the events that followed, Yoweri Museveni tasked security agencies to track down and bring people who were responsible for spreading such fake news.

Despite users who posted the fake news of Museveni’s death being many, Raymond Peng Peng, Kaye Wisdom and Fred Lumbuye Kajjubi were listed by Police and Henry Oryem Okello the Minister of Foreign Affairs said that they are in touch with governments where these bloggers work from to have them extradited to Uganda for legal prosecution.

Arrest of Fred Kajjubi Lumbuye

Fred Lumbuye was reported to have been arrested on August 04th 2021 by security operatives in Turkey. Shadow Minister of Foreign Affairs Hon. Muwanda Nkunyingi confirmed the news and dispatched a team led by Mityana Municipality MP Francis Zaake to bargain with Turkish authorities to have him released and to cancel extradition plans.

Lumbuye’s was arrested on allegations of having an expired passport and overstaying in Turkey beyond time stipulated on his visa. Immediately the government of Uganda got in touch with the government of Turkey to have him deported and handed to the Ugandan authorities.

Despite pleas from human rights activists, intervention of Hon. Zaake Francis and pressure from the public, the Republic of Turkey looks committed towards extradition of Lumbuye who will be handed over to Ugandan authorities.

Hon. Muwanda Nkunyingi reported on August 6 that Lumbuye had boarded Turkish Airlines and was expected to land on Entebbe Airport on wee hours of August 7. However the landing of Lumbuye in Uganda has not been verified by Pearl Post and the government has not yet given a report which makes it likely that Lumbuye is either still in Turkey or on Transit.

Should Lumbuye be brought to Uganda, he will be taken to courts law and charged with various cases including spreading harmful propaganda, promoting sectarianism, defamation and etc.


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