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Zuena attacks fans over allegations that she is a Musoga

Zuena Kirema a wife to Bebe Cool is not happy with her followers on Facebook. She recently posted photos of her with her kids as they had visited the grandparents and great grandparents in Rwanda, something which sounded strange in the eyes of fans who knew Zuena as a Musoga.
Today in the morning up, she woke up logged in to Facebook and attacked those who say she is not a Munyarwanda but rather a Musoga. She made it clear that she grew from Jinja but is of a Rwandese decent and her parents were mixed up. She told them not to worry since very soon they may see her visiting more grandparents in Ntungamo, Tanzania and even Oman.
Below is what she posted
“Imaana yanje…so when i decided to share a few pics from my village, so many people were hurt. Banange i was raised in Jinja and am very proud to call Busoga my second home but that won’t stop me from taking my kids to my village & sharing it on my wall. So does growing up in Kampala make you a Muganda?
Both my parents are of mixed races,so don’t be amused if you see me taking my kids to visit their great grandparents in Ntungamo, Tanzania or Oman. Tukule banange”

Nasa Tushabe
Nasa Tushabe
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