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Zari brags about being Rich and laughs at haters.

Being in the limelight you expect so many people to be on your neck all the time wanting to know what you’re going through and what you’re going to do next and any mistake you make tends to build headlines the following day and that’s something that zari has to understand.
Unfortunately Ugandan socialist Zarinah Ntale mostly known as Zari the Lady behind the creation of white parties in east Africa doesn’t seem to leave her haters at peace as she hits at them during any chance that she gets. The mother of 4 kids gets too many questions from his 3 sons as to why the media never let’s her stay in peace and at times she runs our of answers to give them hence resulting to hilarious jokes like in the photo seen below.
The wife of Diamond platinumz, Tanzania’s top musician is currently on a tour with her husband escorting him to every American state and European country he tours from.

Snapchat 'zarithebosslady '… 😉 some of you won't understand this, but that's OK. Am responsible for what I write not how you understand it

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