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You will be Shocked by what Zari said to Diamond Platnumz’ Ex Lover

By now we are all familiar with the ongoing drama in Diamond’s ex, Wema Sepetu’s life. The former Miss Tanzania recently revealed that she was expecting a child with her boo Idris Sultan.
There was speculation on whether or not Wema was indeed pregnant after some of her close friends hinted that she could have been faking it just to get back at her ex Diamond and his wife Zari.
Wema Sepetu’s boyfriend, former BBA winner Idris Sultan later confirmed that she was indeed expecting twins but had sadly had a miscarriage at 13 weeks. Wema confirmed the sad news on Instagram and admitted that she was very depressed about it.
But amid all the messages of consolation from her fans, one person was clearly not convinced. Diamond’s wife Zarinah Hassan remains skeptical of Wema’s claims of pregnancy.
Wema n Adrisa
The rivalry between Zari and Wema got out of control a few months ago when the Tanzanian beauty queen asked the Ugandan socialite to produce DNA tests proving the paternity of her daughter Tiffah Dangote.
The two publicly tore into each other on social media with the issue of Wema’s so-called inability to bear children coming up time and again. So when news of Wema’s miscarriage made headlines, Zari was quick to dismiss the whole thing as ‘her own fake movie’! According to Zari, Wema could have been faking the pregnancy.
Zari took shots at Wema, on Snapchat, accusing her of killing innocent ‘babies’ and living a lie.


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