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Will unity government between Besigye and M7 work for Ugandans?

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Ever since the Ugandans went into elections on18th Feb, there have been a political unrest, not only on the ground but in the “heads” of every Ugandan, some are not satisfied with the results while others are happy saying that who they voted, won and it’s because of their efforts that winners became winners. But here comes a puzzle, or what I may call a dilemma, General Biraaro who was one of the candidates in the recently concluded elections came with an idea, after having lost the elections and conceded a loss, he still believes he can do the best for the Ugandans and below is his plan.
General Biraaro hopes in the unity government, on Thursday 25th February after seeing the condition in Uganda, where the presidential candidate Dr. Kizza Besigye is kept under house arrest and will be kept under house arrest until the unknown time, because he is insisting his votes were rigged and wants to “physically” challenge the election results not even “lawfully” because he still thinks and is sure that the “law” system-the legal Judicial system is already corrupt by the incumbent government, therefore he will use his own methods like going to the electoral commission to get a copy the results then continuing to the whole country collecting the declaration forms from his agents to prove if the electoral commission results tally with the real results so that he can get proof to accuse the electoral commission of results fraud, the police has continued to say that this is illegal and will not be allowed to happen since Dr. Kizza Besigye is calling his supporters to join him on the way which may result into violence. That’s why General Biraaro decided to do the mediation job between the government and the opposition so that there can be a unitary government that will be meant to serve Ugandans.
On 25th February, he (Gen.Biraaro) decided to visit the fellow presidential candidate Dr. Kizza Besigye who was by then and still under house arrest and no visitors were allowed t see him, but General Biraaro was allowed in by the police and he visited and talked to Dr. Kizza Besigye in undisclosed meeting, but the main theme was creating a unitary government as Gen Benon Buta Biraaro thought that this would bring peace and hope to the warring Ugandan political groups something that would ensure prosperity. General Biraaro continued and went on to visit the elect president who is again the incumbent president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and discussed with him on the possibility, positivity and decision of forming a unitary government something which Museveni rejected. General Biraaro continues to say that he will continue to mediate unitary government since he has the feeling that it is what will bring peace to Ugandans and there is a possibility that the whole thing may work out, since Dr. Kizza Besigye will not concede the loss and the government will not allow him to protest against the results, since most of his protest tactics are opposed to the Public Order Management law. Abed Bwanika has also supported the Biraaro initiative to have a unitary government. But after this whole background, will the unitary government be positive to the Ugandans? My stand is NO! And here are the reasons why I say a big NO.
1. First of all, NRM had a clear win, 60.62% is enough percentage for the government representing the majority to lead the country. A unitary government should be called for if: no party had the 51% majority and it is evident that the country may fail to organize the re-election due to shortage of the resources in the country or the electoral laws in the country or if there was a win at around 51% and the ruling decides to respect the remaining 49% of the votes. If there was vote rigging and the NRM was not supposed to win, then they should not be part of the unitary government, but rather leave the government to those who won. The opposition should petition, bring evidence and the judicial system can decide, then the opposition will become the ruling and the ruling will then be advisers to the government.
2. Creating a Unitary government will create a government with no opposition. This means that Ugandans will lack the force of the opposition to help checking on the government. The useful work the opposition which people know it’s the very same opposition that some things were implemented in Uganda. Losing such will not be democratic but rather we will be getting back to the single party movement which the Ugandans made a referendum against in 2005.
3. A unitary government will be the tool used by the government to “wipe out opposition politically” as President Museveni phrased on 21st Feb when he was holding his first post-election press conference in Rwakitura. Taking examples of unitary governments in Zimbabwe and Kenya, Morgan Tsvanglai and Laila Odinga become weaker after joining the unitary government and ever since they have been losing the elections at a widening gap. If a Unitary government is formed, any good thing done by the government will be credited to the NRM any bad thing done by the government, Dr. Kizza Besigye will have no right whatsoever to oppose it since he will already be part of the system. This will mean that Dr. Kizza Besigye will be tasked to defending the work of the government whether good or bad.
4. Unitary government will make Dr. Kizza Besigye look as a selfish person who is ready to be work with the government when given a chance and a fat job. With the post of the Executive Prime Minister, which will be given to him, it will mark the end of his dreams to become the president of Uganda. There is nothing he will do to convince Ugandans that he can do when made the President when he has been the Prime Minister with executive powers rather than the honorary powers the current prime ministers possess.
Therefore I would advise the opposition not to agree to the unitary government but rather to take the matters to court and let the court decide whether there should be a re-run or the recount of the elections. The Unitary government might be a plan by the government to wipe out the Opposition politically. Ugandans will at the end emerge losers. Neither will they get the steady progress the NRM promises nor will they get the checking on the government programs which will result into relaxation by the unitary government. But still the campaign by Gen Biraaro to install peace in this country wouldn’t be bad, but it will not yield what Ugandans expect from their government.

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