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Video Review: Akalulu by Ziza Bafana

It’s almost one and a half weeks since the Akalulu Video was released by the leading dancehall singer Ziza Bafana. Akalulu (Kakoma nakugwe) is a dancehall song, its video shooting was done in South Africa. The Video was produced by Ron De Ron, Jah Live Films. Its currently one of the most watched videos.
Intro is too strong, it makes the listener feel curious to continue listening to the song, and it leads someone to the main part of the song, before you realize that the intro is over. That’s how a leading intro should be. Showing an expensive car park, and a brown beautiful babe come out, it kept me watching to see where the bae will head to.
The art in the video matches is modern and interesting, the costume of the lady is uptown, only that it might receive a negative impact from culture activists and who will term the kind of dressing as indecent, and the video in one way or the other PG Rated. Some ages may not be fit to view the video. That’s why he came with a second version that is more decent, that will be played on TV Stations for the general public viewing.
The Melody is so strong and solid, a true definition of Dancehall and the vocals are dynamic and rich. The Lyrics of the song meaningful and powerful “Akalulu kakomye nekugwe” (My Vote stops with you) “Bwenkulabako baby nkyuka, omukwano gwempeta ndeeta, ondabikira bulungi bwokyuka” (When I look at you I change, I bring the wedding love, you look better when you turn) are some of the words that make song an amazing one.
Download Audio here=> Akalulu by Ziza Bafana MP3
The production quality, is nice, when Ziza Bafana said that it’s his most expensive music video, I agreed after viewing the video. The video with quality. The songs biggest audience will be clubs, and upscale bars. The song is also good for lovers, and will be a dedication to lovers. Dancing competitions and dance videos, this song will be an ideal song to dance.
Watch the Video here=> Akalulu by Ziza Bafana

Nasa Tushabe
Nasa Tushabe
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