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Video: Bebe Cool chased on stage by fans due to Tubonga Nawe?

A video has been making rounds on various websites and online video sharing sites like Facebook and Whatsapp showing fans abusing Bebe Cool on stage, chasing him as some even wanted to fight with him. It has been alleged that the fans were chasing Bebe Cool onstage because he was the leading Tubonga nawe artist and fans never wanted to see him.
Well it is alleged that it is the beginning of Tubonga Nawe boycotts that were announced by Ssemujju Nganda a month back. We have tried to review the Video which was popularized by the popular facebook Blogger Arshburg Katto and we have found it that the video is a backdated video.
It was an incident when Bebe Cool was performing in the Scandinavian countries and he was in Denmark and started exchanging words way back around 5 years back and that video should not be in anyway confused with the Tubonga nawe saga. Bebe Cool who got pissed of by fans promised them that he will never be bag before he started abusing them on how they are illegally staying in Denmark without even passports.
View the Video below

Nasa Tushabe
Nasa Tushabe
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