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Vampino gives his own definition of Illuminati

Traditionally the word Illuminati means an evil group of people who worship and preach about Lucifer for fame and money but now the dancehall sensation Elvis Kirya Alias Vampino has given it a new definition.
The ‘Siika Chapati’ singer took it to social media one da ago and posted a photo of himseld which a caption that included him tagged as an “Illuminati” and lately hes been attacked by revealers and critics.
However, Vampino has come out and given out his definition of the term illuminati to his saviour. check this out;
Guys to me illuminate is someone that smokes weed,drinks liqour,does crack and all sorts of hights. And when intoxicated they create a story to tell to the sobber minds. Look at most guineuses always look like they are hooked on some shit…
So when i said am coming to get u illuminated,guys i simply meant to come and get u high. So get with the programme
Our lord jesus christ still king of kings. Love u all
It should also be noted that its not only Vampino Kirya who has come out to defend himself as an Illuminati but also the rising dancehall star Alex Bagonza aka Apass has also been fighting with the media for the same cause.
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Nasa Tushabe
Nasa Tushabe
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