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Ugandans in Toronto protest Besigye’s house arrest and declare him a president

The Ugandans in Diaspora have continued to show their concern about the declining Ugandan democracy, irregularities in the recently concluded elections, police brutality towards the opposition and increased political unrest. Now the first group to make a public protest is a group of Ugandans living in Toronto, Canada in the North America.
A group of Ugandans went on streets with the Ugandan flag protesting the house arrest and denial of human rights towards the opposition candidate as they were seen holding charts with words various messages to the Ugandan police, electoral commission and the state administration.
One of the posters was written on “Say No to State Police in Uganda” while other posters were recognizing Dr Kizza Besigye as the new elect president of Uganda. Others were written on “Stop Torture” “Uganda deserves its new elect democratic president”. All this happened today 27th February in the city if Toronto, Canada and below are the photos
Ugandans in Toronto
Ugandans in Toronto 1
Ugandans in Toronto 3
Ugandans in Toronto Canada

Nasa Tushabe
Nasa Tushabe
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