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U.S diplomat attacks the envoy that walked away from the Swearing in of Museveni

The act where the U.S Envoy followed the EU Envoy and the Canada Envoy as they walked away from the Swearing in Ceremony of President Museveni in protest has remained a talk of many people throughout the world as some blame the envoy while others praise them.
According to the U.S Diplomat Rosa Whitaker who served as the Assistant US Trade Representative for Africa in Administrations of Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, she described the act as an abuse to the African continent and said that U.S should swallow its pride and respect other leaders. In 2010, Whitaker was named one of Foreign Policy’s Top 100 Global Thinkers, she is therefore someone with experience and respected by many as far as foreign relations are concerned.
Rosa Whitaker (77) said that she watched in anger seeing two US diplomats leave a respected African Leader as he was addressing the nation on his inaugural speech. “Last week, I watched with dismay as two American diplomats walked out on the inaugural address of a respected African leader who continues to make a major contribution to our shared objectives in the region and who has been a steadfast ally in the battle against global jihadism.” Said Rosa
Rosa added that her work towards creating a strong bond between Africa and America in the two decades was just destroyed in one day by the two diplomats and asked the Ugandan government to take their “walk out” personal not representing America “this unprecedented walk-out was personal”
According to her, the walk out by the Americans was not protesting President Museveni’s speech against ICC but rather was targeting to abuse Museveni as person.
Rosa also talked about the act of arresting Kizza Besigye and said that no government in the world be it America that can sit and watch as the opposition leader is threatening to overthrow the government. “The target of our diplomats’ abuse was Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni……..  Predictably, the State Department was peeved by the home arrest of the opposition’s flagbearer.  However, his verbal threats to overthrow an elected government through violence would also not be tolerated in the US or any country.  A joke about arms at US airports warrants arrest as does a false claim of fire in a movie theater.” Said Rosa
The Two diplomats who walked out were the U.S Ambassador to Uganda Deborah Malac and deputy assistant secretary of state, Bruce Wharton. Rosa says that there walk out showed that America was forgetting the help President Museveni is giving to them and mainly to note, The War against Terror. “What makes the churlishness of our diplomats especially disgraceful is the contempt it shows for the support President Museveni is giving us — and the rest of the international community — to see that Somalia does not become another province of ISIL. Ugandan troops are fighting and dying to stop our enemies from achieving yet another haven from which to attack us.”
She says that U.S diplomats moving out of the function, where the chairman of African Union was present plus other 14 heads of state from Africa was not an abuse to President Museveni, not Uganda but the whole of Africa. “Their theatrics, leaders told me, were an insult not just to President Museveni but to all of Africa. The Russian and Chinese delegations were gleeful.”
Rosa Whitaker said that the U.S had no right to react on the comments made by president Museveni over ICC yet America itself is not a member of the ICC. Rosa exposed the hypocrisy of U.S who had given her instructions when she was still working the government to convince African governments not to sign the Rome Statute 2002 which established the ICC and she is now asking when did ICC become the darling of the US.
She added that the US diplomats should not have followed the European Union Envoy in walking out and gave them an example of when U.S followed the EU in Libya only to give rise the ISIS.
She advised the U.S and the whole world to go slow on Bashir and to take the example of Syria, Iraq and Libya where the incumbents were removed and the regions have never got anything good since then. “In the case of Bashir, we should remember lessons learned in Iraq, Syria and Libya, ousting incumbent leaders, however unlovely, doesn’t inevitably mean change for the better. The unintended consequences have been dire.”
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Nasa Tushabe
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