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Titie dumps Katongole for a married man with kids.

Singer and radio presenter Titie Tendo Tabel seems to have let go of her longly kept marriage vows to TV and radio presenter Katongole Omutongole when she decided to move on and started cheating with a new guy known as Deo Serunjoji.
According to Lady Titie, katongole was just wasting her time and playing with her feelings since he could not settled with her for good but kept on cheating on her with different women including involving himself in rape and defilement scandles with high school kid claiming that the couple was nolonger in love and wasn’t spending any pleasant time together.
So the situation between the two forced the NBS life show presenter titie to move on and get herself someone to make her happy.
However the man that she got is not only married to carol who’s currently staying in America but the couple also bears children together.
Titie Dumps Katongole
Its reported that about three (3) months ago Deo proposed yo titie and she agreed to marry him after the two getting divorced from their partners. However katongole says that he’s not and will not ever let got of his wife cause he loves her too much and has spent so much money on her trying to get pregnant and have a kid for him.
Titie Dumps Katongole
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