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Bobi Wine’s Ghetto TV hacked again & deleted from Facebook

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For the second time in one year, hackers have taken down a Facebook publishing and streaming page ‘Ghetto TV’ belonging to the campaign team of Bobi Wine. The page was hacked yesterday on December 2 by unknown cyber group who immediately unpublished the page from Facebook making it impossible to be accessed by the public.

At the time of hacking, the page had gained a huge following of over 150,000 followers being the major source of Bobi Wine news and updates from his campaign trail. The reason for its hacking is likely to frustrate Bobi Wine’s campaign by his political enemies.

“Last night, one of our online channels Ghetto Tv’s facebook page was hacked again and deleted.” Bobi Wine said.

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Why Ghetto TV was hacked.

When Bobi Wine started campaigning, his campaign was trailed by Ugandan TV’s live and covered wherever it was. Whenever there would be a scuffle between Police and Bobi Wine protestors, TVs would come live and cover the proceedings. No one knows what happened but TV Stations stopped live coverage of Bobi Wine campaigns and instead embarked only on bring clips in timely news bulletins.
Ghetto TV was the only TV available to give the world what was happening in Bobi Wine’s camp. People would keep glued on Ghetto TV and another facebook page in the names Map Media to follow whatever that was happening in Bobi Wine’s camp. To minimize publishing of Bobi Wine updates, Ghetto TV had to fall a victim and pay the price of getting unpublished.

Ghetto TV was first opened in 2019 to give people news from Bobi Wine’s camp since they believed that the mainstream media might be compromised by the incumbent government. The page grew to attract an audience of 120,000 followers and was later hacked and used to post Museveni campaign messages with Ashraf Katto popularly known as Ashburg Katto claiming responsibility.

Bobi Wine claimed that it was attempts from the government to stop him, alleging that they had tried multiple times to break into his page and failed since his page is well secured. A new page was opened in the same names and started immediately streaming live activities of National Unity Platform.

CRIME ALERT: Regime operatives have tried so many times to capture my Facebook account and take hold of it, but they…

Posted by Bobi Wine on Sunday, August 9, 2020

It’s the new Facebook page that was opened that has been hacked and no group or individual has claimed responsibility. Ghetto TV management acknowledged the hacking and also said that they are doing everything possible to retrieve the page back.

“Welcome to the Ghetto Media, we humbly apologize for all the inconveniences, our team is working around the clock to have our old hacked page revived.”

In the meantime a new page has been opened in the names of Ghetto Media and has so far attracted the following of 41,000 people in less than 24 hours and the numbers are skyrocketing. The page has resumed the main function of the older page streaming live Bobi Wine campaigns.

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