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Tanzanian singer Diamond breaks into tears over daughter’s DNA test results

DNA results from South Africa have confirmed Nasib Abdul Juma (Diamond Plantnumz) as the biological father of princess Latifa
Diamond, his wife Zari and baby Latifa had gone to South Africa for a DNA test in a bid to prove to critics that Diamond sired baby Tifa
Singer Diamond broke into a tearful fit when the results of the DNA test done on him, his wife Zari and baby Tifa  were released. It turns out that Diamond Platinumz has the bragging rights as Tifa’s biological father.
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The test was done in South Africa. Diamond traveled to South Africa with his wife Zari and baby Tifa in a bid to silence the rumors that he did not sire Tifa.
Diamond bowed to pressure from his fans who were constantly bugging him to prove that he was the baby’s biological father.  The singer, traveled to South Africa with his family  before he left for a performance in Las Vegas, United States.
The results which were given to Zari and Diamond confirmed that Diamond was indeed the father of Latifa Dangote.
The DNA tests confirmed  Nasib Abdul Juma (Diamond Platnumz) to be the biological father of Latifah Dangote. Diamond shed a lot of tears…It hurt him the more when some quotas referred to Ivan Ssemwanga (Zari’s ex-husband) as the little one’s father. Others claimed that Tifah was sired by a Tanzanian tycoon,” a source close to the singer revealed
Diamond’s mother, Sanura Kasim was reportedly shocked when the results of the DNA test were revealed. She had her doubts. Her apprehension had been fueled by loose talk that her son Diamond was raising another man’s child.
Tifah is my daughter, completely!
An elated Diamond spoke of his love for Latifa and how photos of the young princess Latifa covered the walls of his office. The results had just given him the right ammunition to deal with his critics.
Tifah is my daughter, completely! I am extremely overjoyed by the results (DNA). That’s why I am now freer and  happier. I’m having a good time! I am not worried at all. I can now courageously face my critics,
The singer also revealed why he shed tears after  he received the DNA results:
Crying is not an issue.What did you expect me to do after getting the results, especially at a time when the  society constantly claimed that I wasn’t my daughter’s real dad?
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Princess Tifa was born on August 6 2015. Her birth  was marred with rumors that she had been sired by one of Zari Hassan’s ex-boyfriends. The rumors forced Diamond to go for a DNA test to prove his critics wrong. Why it was done in South Africa still remains the big question. The explanation offered is that Tanzania does not have the proper facilities for such a test.
South Africa is also quite convenient as it is far from the poring, prying media eye.
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Princess Latifa is one of the most famous babies of African celebrities. In less than one year, she has a following of 416,000 fans  on Instagram!
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