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Sylvia Owori reveals how the Queen of Buganda inspired her new designed cloth

For so many undoubted years Sylvia Owori has been the most highly ranked fashion designer in Uganda and one of the most competitive ones of Africa and for that matter she has worked with so many big names in this world including the very own queen of Buganda aka Nnaabagereka Sylvia Nagginda.
Owori has a new design on the market for the Buganda traditional wear known as ‘Busuuti’ and now she unveils what inspired her to rebrand this attire and bring it back to the market fresh for everyone to try on. It should be noted that The Queen of Buganda handpicked Silvia Owori in 2006 to be her personal designer as she was to be the cover girl of the famous “African Woman” Magazine.
nabagere cover
In her ow words Silvia Owori was quoted;
“It’s therefore with great pleasure that i unwrap my latest collection of Busuuti made in collaboration with the gorgeous and ever impeccably dressed Queen. From it’s early days when it was originally designed for Gayaza school girls by the Gomes brothers, the Busuuti has over time evolved to become very tightly woven into fabric of festive life of not only Buganda but the whole country.” she bragged.
The queen of Buganda and Sylvia Owori have come up with the idea of imperative to especially celebrate this elegant Busuuti attire with unprecedented Afropolitan 2016 flair and soon Nnaabagereka showcase all the fashion fraternity that the two have worked together to produce elegant look for both the young and old. Congz Sylvia Owori upon this new success and wish you all the best
nabagereka gomesi Nabagereka and
Nabagereka Malidadi

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