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I am still leading the MUK Guild race: Roy Ssemboga speaks out

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The Makerere University Guild aspirant Roy Ssemboga has finally spoken out on the ongoing disputes and legal action within the Makerere University Guild Elections race. The race which was finished about 2 weeks that ended with Bazil Mwotta being announced the elected guild president MUK. However later, Roy Ssemboga petitioned in the election tribunal which annulled Bazil Mwotta’s win and ordered for a re-voting on the college of education where mul practice was said to have taken place. The re-election was to happen on Wednesday 23rd March 2016 though it never took place due to intimidation and other factors. Its from this factor that the Makerere Guild Aspirant Roy Ssemboga has spoken out to give the clear view of the situation and the expected way out.
Roy Ssemboga explained how his agents and supporters are being intimidated and beaten as some of them are already in the hospital and others were saved by the Police from the attacks. He goes further to explain the false media production about state of the matter where some Media Stations gave news that Bazil Mwotta was re-instated the MUK Guild President and among those Media houses was NBS Telvesion. He goes ahead to explain how Bazil Mwotta went to court to challenge the election petition tribunal of Makerere University and stop the re-election. Below is the full statement of Roy Ssemboga
Gallant Makerereans,
As you may all be aware, I exercised my rights as an aggrieved contestant in the guild race and petitioned the Guild Elections Petition Tribunal against the results announced which had indicated that I had “lost” by slightly over 200 votes to my colleague Mr. Bazil Mwotta, despite widespread irregularities including suspect miscounting of votes as the tribunal would later discover.
I believe you are also aware that during its deliberations, the tribunal decided to investigate the extent of the said irregularities. One ballot box containing votes from the College of Education was randomly picked from where it had been stored in the guild offices, ballots recounted and it was discovered that I had actually gotten over 200 votes at just one polling station of that college! Remember, the total votes I had been announced by the EC to have received at the entire College were less than 70. The recounting was done in the presence of Police. Although Mr. Mwotta was called and requested to be present, I understand that he turned the request down.
The tribunal went back, weighed all the evidence and entered the verdict in my favor. Results at the College were cancelled, and a re-vote was ordered to take place on Wednesday 23rd March at that particular college INSTEAD OF WHAT I HAD ASKED FOR: THAT THE RESULTS BE CANCELLED WITHOUT ANY RE-ELECTION.
I later realized that what the tribunal had decided – the re-vote – was indeed just being fair to the students who voted without any knowledge of the malpractice that had been orchestrated by some elements.
Come Wednesday, the EC diligently loaded the polling materials and transported them to the college so that elections could take place. No sooner had the EC van touched base at the college than a group of stick-wielding supporters of a certain candidate attacked it, forcing its driver to turn back and speed off to save the occupants’ lives from the irate crowd.
What happened next is, to be frank, heart-rending. The same supporters descended on any suspected supporter of mine at the college and gave them the flogging of their life! My polling agent Tuhimbise Lavinia was badly beaten too and had it not been the intervention of Police, I don’t know how many causalities my camp would have suffered. The long and short of it is that supporters of a certain camp made sure no re-election takes place. Not even my supporters were allowed to cast a vote!
Later in the evening of that fateful Wednesday, I was served with Court papers filed by my colleague Biddemu Bazil Mwotta, informing me of a lawsuit challenging the findings and ruling of the tribunal, as well as seeking an injunction against the re-vote that had been supposed to take place that day. I was required to be at Court the following day, Thursday, to defend myself during the hearing of the application for that injunction.
It was therefore with shock that I learnt about misleading and legally actionable reports on Wednesday evening being peddled on social media by students and respected media houses alike, alleging that Court had made orders quashing the tribunal ruling and directing for the “immediate swearing in” of the said candidate. Unless these “orders” were a manifestation of mere wishful thinking, where did they come from yet Court didn’t even convene that day?
All the same, I attended Court yesterday with my lawyer Counsel Isaac Ssemakadde of the Centre for Legal Aid who opposed the application for an injunction stopping the re-election, arguing that the said election had already occurred – legally speaking. Court adjourned until Tuesday next week to enable Mr. Bazil’s new lawyers prepare for the case as the trio he had earlier come with vanished in the middle of proceedings after Court had asked them for their practicing certificates.
Court also ordered for the maintenance of the status quo. As I speak, the status quo is that I am leading the guild race with over 1300 votes and I hope the University will not delay to take the just and fair action, that is, declaring and swearing me in as the substantive and validly elected guild president for the year 2016/2017.
May God Bless You.

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