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“Stick With Selena Or Lose Her Forever” Chris Brown Advises Justin Bieber From His Mistakes

You’d remember days ago I talked about how Chris Brown and Justin Bieber share certain similarities in their private lives.
Well, It seems like Chris Brown agrees with me.
The super famous singer has advised Justin Bieber that he needs to man up and stop flirting with ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez on social media while still romantically linked to other ladies else he’ll lose her for good.
The 26-year-old singer, who’s had his fair share of losing the women he loved – Rihanna and Karrueche Tran – says he doesn’t want to see Bieber make the same mistakes he did.
Chris is sitting back, looking at Justin’s antics and shaking his head. For starters, Justin is acting like a younger Chris. Arrogant, womanizing, breaking hearts and acting like his sh** don’t stink. Chris wants JB to know that ain’t cool and that he’d better stop juggling these girls like he’s at a circus before he loses the love of his life,” a source tells Hollywood Life.
Chris had to learn the hard way and he only wishes he never played Rihanna or Karrueche like he did. It’s obvious to Chris that Biebs and Selena belong together, and he only hopes JB realizes that before she walks out of his life forever,” the source adds.
Bieber has repeatedly shared adorable throwback photos of him and Selena kissing( March 19) on his Instagram.
Needless to say, fans went nuts over his romantic gesture, and so did Selly who didn’t only like the picture but commented “perfect”.
In December, rapper Drake also expressed shock that the Biebs and Gomez were unable to get back together despite loving each other so dearly. “Damn. Thought this was a Jelena current day flick,” the rapper commented below Bieber’s loving throwback of the couple last year.


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