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Stella Nyanzi calls women to join in Besigye’s match to electoral commission

The controversial Makerere University professor has called Ugandan women to join the Youth tomorrow in the match to the electoral commission in support of Dr Kizza Besigye’s demand for the declaration forms.
Stella Nyanzi believes that the police cannot teargas who will be walking peacefully to the electoral commission matching for democracy. Stella Nyanzi said that women are the lovers of the nation and therefore the country to them. Below are the words she used
“What if the women of Uganda joined the youths of Uganda in today’s peaceful march to the Electoral Commission, in support of Dr. Kizza Besigye’s demand for the tallied votes from all over Uganda? Would the police, again, shoot tear-gas at a throng of peaceful women and youths marching for democracy? Would the police, again, arrest and detain us without any charge, as they did to Comrade Ingrid two days ago? Would the police, again, kill us with live ammunition, as they did the last few days? What if the women of Uganda actively joined this march starting at 09:00AM………………………………We are the mothers of this nation, the lovers and support of the men in this country. Uganda belongs to us, too. What if we came in our millions to the march for democratic transparency in the elections results? What if we stepped onto the roads leading to the Electoral Commission? What if women of Uganda stood up to be counted, regardless of the threat of tear gas and fearsome gunmen?
Police has already warned saying that they have not received any formal statement from the FDC presidential flag bearer about the intended match and therefore calls Kizza Besigye to respect the law or else be handled according to the law. Police still says that its primary objective is to keep law and order. It’s not yet clear if the match called for by Kizza Besigye and the professor Stella Nyanzi are unlawful or disorderly and will therefore need police intervation or will be peaceful one calling for democracy as the organizers are saying.

Nasa Tushabe
Nasa Tushabe
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