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Spice Diana changes hairstyle after being criticized by fans

Just a week ago, people started about Spice Diana’s hairstyle including her fans saying that she had lost it and resorted to cutting/plaiting the same hair as the Eagles band musicians Catherine Kusasira and the rest.
The Onsanula singer has re-branded herself by shaving off some of the head side hair leaving only the middle one in form of a Mohawk but fans came out furiously attacking her and advising her to stop plaiting such “childish” and “villag-ish” hairstyle as they termed it. It looks like spice took on the advise as she hit the saloon today morning for a new look.
Spice Diana has made her first appearance with the new hairstyle today evening on NTV Uganda during an interview with Douglas Lwanga and Selector Jay. Spice this time around went for a curly long maroon hairpiece that definitely looked good on her than the previous look..
At times you gotta listen to your fans and follow their advises cause they see you better than anyone else.

Spice Diana old hairstyle
Spice Diana old hairstyle

Nasa Tushabe
Nasa Tushabe
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