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I am single, not searching, not beefing Pallaso- Sheebah Karungi

Singer Sheebah Karungi has finally removed doubt from her fans on various topics where they have not been sure of her stand; the biggest question fans asked her was the alleged beef between her and singer Pallaso. She however said that at the moment she is not beefing with any. All she is doing is focusing on her music.
Sheebah Karungi said this during her AskSheebah session on twitter which was organized by the Online Music site Mdundo Uganda. Sheebah said that she is currently single and is not searching, she only expects her future lover to come in a natural way.
Sheebah Karungi denied the allegations that he is dating someone at the moment and when shown the picture of her with that man Isma, she admitted the he one of the most important men in her life, though they are not dating.

Isma and Sheebah
Sheebah Karungi and Isma

When asked the Ugandan male musician whom she has a crush on, she said that she has no crush on any musician; she just sees them as fellow Musicians.
Sheebah Karungi crush
Sheebah Karungi is currently the hottest musician on the Ugandan scenes releasing hit after hit and all her songs are wonder hits. Having been crowned the female artist of the Year by Hipipo Awards and Zzina Awards, Sheebah is expected to grab something more than that this time, she will probably be the best artist this year.
She confirmed that she will soon be holding her first ever concert, a concert that is expected to pull the multitudes to the area.

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