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Catherine Kusasira Wins the Anjagala Court Case

I think this is some good news to Golden Band Singer Catherine Kusasira and and Lyto Boss.
It will be remembered that in 2015, Iryn Namubiru recorded and released “Anjagala”, a song that was written by Lyto Boss, apparently without the writer’s permission, something which led to a long and heated battle between both singers.
As a result, both Catherine Kusasira and Lyto Boss spent nights in police cells although they were later released on bail.
Although there were earlier reports that both parties had opted to settle the matter out of court, Catherine Kusasira came out and revealed via her Facebook page that their case has been in court until Monday when the Judge ruled in her favour.
She thanked the fans and her lawyers from Katende & Ssempebwa Advocates for supporting her and Lyto Boss until they won the case.
Fusion Band is now required to pay Kusasira and Lyto Boss a heavy amount of money in compensation for the emotional stress they suffered and the costs they incurred in seeking justice.
Catherine went on and posted this on her facebook Page

Banange ba maama ba taata omusango ogwanvunanibwa aba fusion band maze nenguwangula mukama mulungi naye mbebaaza mwena ababadewo kulwange NE Lyto Boss nenebaza NE ba Lawyers Bange Council Mude mu Katende & Ssempebwa advocates, abawagizi bange mwena ababadewo mukama mulungi ekiseera kyona omuganda agamba omwavu tasinga musango naye mukama akikoze


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