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Singer Naava Asha dumps Dembe Fm’s Senior B for a fresh guy

One of the biggest stories making headlines today in the entertainment industry is that of singer ASHA NAAVA NAMATOVU who dumped Dembe Fm’s DJ SENIOR B to settle for Suubi FM’s SULA FLEXIBLE now and we bring you the exclusive behind the whole story.
Sula Flexibo and Naava
Apparently the sweet voiced Naava had been dating DJ Senior B for a very long time which later on upgraded to fiance and before they knew it the two were almost planning on giving birth and settle together but unfortunately as every normal couple they got into a fight and eventually broke up.
Its said that the fight between the two wasn’t so big and they could settle it but the glass hit the flow when Senior B hired a gang of girls to abuse Asha all in the name of educating her never to be proud in a relationship but still she didnt leave him even though with time the two realised that they couldnt settle together so they broke up.
Fuse went loose when Naava decided to move on from the heartbreak and started dating Suubi Fm’s presenter known as Sula who later on took it to social mediaSula Flexibo 2 hence triggering Senior B to start attacking Naava and calling her all sorts of name during his ‘Saturday dance party’ and ‘Africa Koona’ programmes on Dembe fm together with DJ Jaccob omuutuze the love doctor and now that’s where the story is still standing. We shall keep you posted in case of any developments on this story.
Senior B & Naava

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