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Singer‬ Evelyn Laggu’s marriage on the verge of collapse

It’s being threatened by a radio presenter and her husband has since walked out. It seems like female Ugandan music artistes and marriage don’t mix as there is yet another victim of a marriage gone sour and that is Evelyn Laggu of the ‘ogumanga’ fame. As she struggles to save her marriage that is being threatened apart by a little known radio presenter working for CBS fm and known as Dikteta Mark. While she has come out to slam the reports, sources say her marriage is in turmoil and could be on the road to destruction. Her Sudanese husband Tony Lagu has asked her for some time as he studies the whole
situation. But even as she continues to deny any conflict in her marriage, Even has gone ahead and dropped her husband’s name Lagu and replacing it with her maiden name Nakabira “Being a singer doesn’t mean I am not supposed to interact with people and its good people know what I can and
cannot do. I am a stubborn loving character but everyone knows am an actress as well.
You’ve tried your best to fail my marriage but even people know how your stories are fake, you’ve done more good than harm” she said shortly before changing her facebook username from Evelyn Lagu to Evelyn Nakabira.


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