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Sheila Don Zella takes daughter to studio to record own song

Well as per now most of you know Don Sheila Zella so well that soon we shall stop addressing her as Bigeye’s eye since she’s fighting so hard to rebrand herself and build a name of her own.
This new city promoter, event organizer and founder of Zella kids foundation has been making headlines from the leaked nude photos to recording a song for her ex Bigeye dubbed “Omufere waLove” but now the latest on our table proves that Sheila has taken one of her daughters called Brittney to studio for her to record her first song.
Brittney today afternoon stepped into Producer Crouch’s studio and decided to rebrand herself as an upcoming underage artist whos ready to join the likes of Abba Marcus and Abdul Mulaasi’s son. We hope this channel works our for the two as the mum Don Sheila will be the manager and promoter.
Don Zella's Daughter 3 Don Zella's daughter
Don Zella's daughter

Nasa Tushabe
Nasa Tushabe
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