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Sheebah Karungi’s touching story about her mother

Today is mother’s day and people throughout the countries of Ireland, United Kingdom, Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Nigeria are celebrating the mother’s day today. Just because UK has a direct impact on Uganda’s social life, some Ugandans have decided to celebrate it today with the UK though Ugandans officially celebrate the day on the 2nd Sunday of May, which will be 8th May for the case of 2016. Among Ugandans who celebrated it, Sheebah Karungi made a touching story about her mum, which left various Ugandans inspired and touched.
Sheebah Karungi started the story of how his mum became hard and worse towards her in her teenage times, she even thought that her mum hated her and at one point she started thinking that maybe the so called mum was just someone who raised her but not a real mum. Sheebah Karungi continues to say that that it took her may years to figure out why her mum was so heard on her. She says “When I look at how the World Operates right now, I can only imagine where or who I would have been if It wasn’t for you Mama.” Sheebah Karungi concluded hailing her mum as someone who had tough but real true love.
Below is the statement from Sheebah Karungi, her tale about her mum
When I was a teenager, I thought my Mama was the worst Ever! Because She was so Hard on me ..I even thought she hated me or she just picked me up from some dust bin where my real mama dropped me🙈 then I left home…started meeting different people from different backgrounds & different cultures…Rich / Poor… It has taken me so many years to figure out y she was always so Hard on US. .. (most especially me) being the last born , I expected some spoiling here and there but Never….@troybakka was the last born to My mama (hes gonna kill me for this one)..But ,When I look at how the World Operates right now, I can only imagine where or who I would have been if It wasn’t for you Mama….I now know that ‪#‎ToughLoveIsRealLove!! May God Keep You Safe & Sound for me Mama so you can see your great grand children.
Happy Mothers Day To All The Strong Mothers Grooming ‪#‎SHEROS & ‪#‎HEROS.

Nasa Tushabe
Nasa Tushabe
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