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Sheebah Karungi to start up own Clothing Line “SHEEBAHOLIC”

Sheebah Karungi has always been known as a vibrant fashion forward artist and personal designing has always been her second priority next to satisfying her fans with good music and now shes ready to take this passion to the next level.
With just two (2) days away since she premiered three(3) neq videos for her fans #Wantama, #AmInLove and #Nkwatako, Sheebah has revealed that she’s to make her longterm life dream come true of owning her own clothing line/fashion label and shes to call it “Sheebah/­Sheebaholic”
Sheebah Clothing
Sheebaholic has always been known as a title used to crown Sheebah’s staunch fans but the ice cream singer is yet to upgrade it and secure the name permanently also for her own clothing line hence thickening her brand as a star.
Currently the singer has a couple of different clothes out on the market for her fans (the sheebaholics) to embrace like: Caps, Shirts, bandanas et.c but soon as revealed she will open her own fashion house for the rest to also access.
Sheebah Clothing brand

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