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Sejusa: I don’t care about UPDF charges

Kampala- General David Sejusa yesterday cut a defiant posture, saying he does not care about being charged before the army court in relation to the ‘defiance campaigns’ and his calls for vote protection mechanism, saying such schemes are within the ambit of the Constitution.
Speaking through his lawyer Ladislaus Rwakafuuzi, the controversial general who, according to the army, today faces several charges at the General Court Martial in Makindye, Kampala, in relation to repeated political remarks, argued there is nothing illegal about his actions and says that “only a free and fair election can calm tensions in the country”.
General Sejusa says he finds the complaint by the State ridiculous because there is nothing illegal about [his actions],” Mr Rwakafuzi said in an interview, after the two had a meeting at Makindye military barracks where the general is incarcerated.
Gen Sejusa, who had been denied access to legal counsel on Sunday when he was arrested from his home in the upscale Naguru suburb in an operation led by deputy chief of defence forces Lt Gen. Charles Angina, met Mr Rwakafuuzi in his detention cell at Makindye Military barracks at 2:40pm amid heavy presence of military officers. After the meeting, Mr Rwakafuuzi called this newspaper with a message from the general.
The military yesterday said the former coordinator of intelligence agencies will today face charges at a court martial in Makindye that include charges in relation to remarks he made while in a brief exile in London in 2013, in which he said that Opposition candidate Kizza Besigye had won the 2006 elections but the results had been twisted by intelligence.
Gen. Sejusa was coordinator of the intelligence services in 2006.
According to army spokesperson Lt Col Paddy Ankunda, the UPDF insists that Gen Sejusa, who is the first UPDF four star general to be tried in the military court should also explain why he accused President Museveni of getting involved in post-election violence in Kenya.
While in exile in London, the arrested General claimed President Museveni was deeply involved in the 2007 Kenyan post-election violence that left thousands dead and many more displaced.
Uganda Media Centre executive director Ofwono Opondo yesterday also told journalists in Kampala that Gen Sejusa is under investigation for planning to engage in disrupting the electoral process.


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