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See What it takes to join Don MC’s whatsapp group

Almost every artist in Uganda has got a fanbase basically built with the spirit of oneness through whatsapp groups and Facebook groups and now rapper Don MC Kapata has decided to join the movement.
Don MC who wrote a love confession letter a few days ago to swangz avenues songstress Winnie Nwagi has revealed that before releasing his new collabo “Ekikazzi” with former Airtek rising star contestant Bruno K he wants to first open up a whatsapp group and blend more with his fans.
It doesnt take too much to join the “DonMC whatsapp group” cause all you have to do is to comment with your phone number on the rappers latest facebook post and before the end of the day youll be among the 256 Don MC whatsapp friends.
He made the announcement through his official page Don MC Kapata.
“I feel like creating a Whatsapp group.. Wanna chat with my people and move with you to the next level.. If you wanna join the movement, you know what to dooooooo… Post your number Ekikazi tukifunze hahahahahaha.. I need to see who my die hard fans are.”
Kikazi by Don Mc

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