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A Review Of Bebe Cool’s New Best Song “TAATA”

The Gagamel CEO is back from the dancehall break with a new brand new inspirational and dancehall song titled “Taata” dedicated to all fathers of this nation.
Unlike the rest of the songs normally sang about mothers, Bebe cool took a new twist in this one (Taata) and changed his trigger to single father’s who suffer all consequences of raising kids from their childhood paying school fees to their youthful stages till they start spending his money on girls.
Despite “Taata” being a wicked dancehall tune produced in Monster Studios, its also that inspirational song you can sit down and listen to or even dedicate it to your father and leave his cheeks wet with tears.
Ice Melody, the writer of this song seems to have put in a lot of thinking and concentration while penning down the lyrics since he even put in a prayer for the father’s.. Its definitely one of those best dancehall songs that can compete in all local award ceremonies.
Taata wano wotabade Taata… Aba umeme batubanja..
Taata wano wotabade Taata…. Ba landlord batubanja.
Taata wano wotabade taata … Abemisolo batutwala..”
Some of the lines from this song, they bring out that image of a real father who suffers all family problems while every case looks at him to solve them.
Thanks Bebe Cool for thinking about the fathers of this nation, they’ve been left out so much.
Click here to Download TAATA by Bebe Cool
Click here to Download KI EKIGANYE by Bebe Cool

Nasa Tushabe
Nasa Tushabe
A Ugandan Business and Financial News Journalist. Writer and a critic. Reports Entertainment News for Blizz Uganda website.

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