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Rema refused to do a song with A Pass Because She Found It Shitty

I know Master Blaster and some other people died this year, but our hearts must go on, friends. A good way to do that is to post the A Pass and his Collabo attempt with Rema story which failed.
In November last year, A Pass stepped in studio with Rema Namakula to do a song however it has never been released. We tried to find out why it has taken this song and we learnt that Rema refused to record a song with A Pass.
It is true that Rema and A Pass visited Badi studios to do a song together, however it is said that Rema later withdrew and decided not to go back to complete the song.
We have reliably learnt that Rema did not like the project after A Pass did his first verse and decided to leave it pending.
A Pass has since begged Rema to return to studio to complete the project in vain. A Pass also tried to use Eddy Kenzo influence to make Rema come back to studio but she insisted she was busy.
Well, despite her busy schedule as she claims, we heard last year releasing a soft tune with Chris Evans which is a clear indicator that she just rejected A Pass.
But why A Pass?.. Why is everyone rejecting him?
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