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Relationship at Verge of Collapse! Eddy Kenzo & Rema may soon call it quits over Kid

The cohabitation of Rema and Eddy Kenzo may soon go for the dead end if the current issues between the two are not resolved. During the weekend, Eddy Kenzo was shocked to learn that Rema Namakula has an older child from a past relationship.
Kenzo had been tipped off by some close friends of Rema. Rema’s friends thought it good for Kenzo to know about the existence of this child before they went ahead to have an introduction ceremony later this year.
When Kenzo questioned Rema about the child, she pleaded guilty. Apparently, she’d been looking for ways of breaking the news to Kenzo for the past many months that they have dated. “I think it’s hard for a woman to tell a man that she had a child from a past relationship. Most women keep these secrets, I can’t blame Rema,” said her friend.
Now news coming with from the “Renzo” couple shows that there’s a big rift between the two. Eddy Kenzo feels he’s been betrayed by his love, the very reason why he quit his past relationship. Kenzo is now consulting friends on whether to forgive Rema or to just cancel the Introduction and wedding plans.
In our follow-up story, we shall reveal Rema Namakula’s child from the past relationship and the man who’s responsible. Yes, those are Kyambogo University students for you.


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