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Read about Beyonce’s religion called “Beyism”, it has millions of followers

A celebrated singer and world class stage performer Beyonce Knowles from America has left many puzzles and questions in people’s minds After her followers starting up a church known as “The national church of Bey” meaning the church of Beyonce.
In this church Of Beyonce, the queen Bey is taken to be in position of a goddess and millions of people are worshiping her in the name of “mother Bey” their rescuer.
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Even though the “Single Ladies” singer says that she has nothing to do with this church and people praising her, there are pictures of her wearing clothes similar to those of Jesus and another of a LA RC papals clothes inside this Beyonce National church and no doubt she now takes herself to be a god.
Beyonce has been called a goddess and this religion is called “Beyism” where they are using a book called “Beyble” to worship and praise her. It talks about Beyonce as a woman with power as of a goddess straight from her stage energy to personal life and this religion is having millions of followers including some celebrities and wannabees since its still recruiting members through her songs.

Nasa Tushabe
Nasa Tushabe
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