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Raid onMbabazi’s lawyers’ offices was an own job-Andrew Mwenda

The CEO of the Independent Magazine Uganda Andrew Mwenda has made a conclusion on the mind boggling matter of how the lawyers of Amama Mbabazi were raided and files and laptops went missing.
Andrew Mwenda says that making thorough investigations, he managed to discover that that the saga was an inside plan, planned by Amama Mbabazi as a way to attract condemnation on the government.
He continues to say that according to how is seeing the situation, the state security agencies were not likely to have been involved.
On Tuesday night, the law Chambers of Amama Mbabazi’s lawyers were attacked by unknown goons, who stole the laptops and some files which team Mbabazi says that the files that were taken contain the evidence of vote bribery which they were going to present to court on the day of hearing of Amama Mbabazi petition.
Below is the statement from Andrew Mwenda
“After thorough investigations (and I really mean thorough) I have come to the conclusion that the raid on the law chambers of Amama Mbabazi’s lawyers was an inside job.
I now believe state security agencies were least likely to have been involved, and it’s most likely it was an own job.”
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Nasa Tushabe
Nasa Tushabe
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