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From Rags to Riches, David Lutalo’s music journey

In 2006 David Lutalo came out with a record break through song dubbed ‘Kapapaala’ which later stuck onto him and he got rebranded with Kapapala becoming his middle name. It was his first song but he has over tge years ventured into a top music star.
The Top writer David Lutalo came out tagged to Mozart studios located in Mengo Bakuli and its the same studio he worked with for many years then later on turned him into the star he is today with big hits out like Janjaba , embwa ye katwe, gunsitula et.c
Recently he launched his new album whose concert sold out to the maximum and he later started up doing tours around different parts of Uganda giving all fans a chance to have a glance at his performances and listen to the multi talented singer portray out his best. Tomorrow he’s being replugged at Club Ambiance and as an original artist am sure he’s going to blaze it up badly.
David Lutalo
Lutalo is living proof that hardwork combined with talent one can turn out the best they’ve ever been that’s why Lutalo has been able to turn from the tiny struggling artist he was back then to the star he is today.

Nasa Tushabe
Nasa Tushabe
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