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Miracle: Prophet Mboro visited heaven on Easter service and took photos of heaven

The South African Controversial Pastor, who is the Founder of The Incredible happenings ministries and also doubles as the Leader Prophet Mboro spoke out concerning his ascension to heaven over the Easter Weekend.
Prophet Mboro claims he was caught up on Easter Sunday service. Much as the incident happened in his hometown Johannesburg, people in the far areas as far as 60 Kilometers away from his location testified that the Sky looked somehow different at around 10:30 am an indication that Pastor Mboro might have been in heaven.
Prophet Mboro while in heaven decided to take some photos using his Samsung Galaxy S5 phone so that he can show people on earth those who will fail to believe that he really visited heaven. According to the church’s spokesperson Mr. Nkuna who conducted an interview with a South African local newspaper Katlehong weekly confirmed that the pastor truly went in heaven and is now back.
“The prophet did go to heaven during the service, and he came back later that day. While there he took pictures using his Samsung Galaxy S5, so that he can show them to people on earth, who do not believe he was captured in heaven. The pictures will be made available on his Facebook page later next week and can now only be accessed through R5000 pledge. Those who need pictures can contact the church and make necessary arrangements and we will send them on Whatsapp up on receiving the R5000” Said Mr. Nkuna
Now those who wish to see the photos of Prophet Mboro in heaven, chances are now made wider for you as you have to choose whether to sure you pay ZAR5000 (South African Rand 5000, which is around UGX 1.1 Million or $334) and get yourself a copy of Prophet Mboro in Heaven or to wait next week on his Facebook page

Nasa Tushabe
Nasa Tushabe
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