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President’s visit in Rwenzori region, the remaining hope to restore peace

It’s one around one month since Tribal clashes broke out in Rwenzori region. Local people majorly Bakonjo started attacking security installations and most publicized incidents were when the people attacked the Barracks and when they attacked the police on patrol. About a week ago, the Inspector General of Police Kale Kayihura visited the area and held discussions with the Bakonjo king, Omusinga wa Rwenzururu Charles Mumbere a meeting that took place at Margherita Hotel in Kasese. Instead of the meeting calming down the situation, it was as if it sparked off the fire and ever since, over 20 people have been killed in Bundibugyo district and thousands have fled from their villages after the Bakonjo attacked the Bamba in Bundibugyo district. Today March 28, 2016, the President of Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is already in the area trying to resolve the conflicts and restore peace. But the biggest question is will he restore peace in the area?
These clashes have been politicked too much, inasmuch as people who have been following the area for the last five years know it that the problem is not politics but they are under the cover of the political turmoil in the country to fulfill their desires and their secret projects which were launched years back.
The President while at Kikalizo in Ntoroko urged the residents and promised to tighten security in the most affected areas in the region. The President is currently holding a press conference at the state lodge in Fort portal explaining the possible measures to be undertaken to cub down the unrest. Tightening security means installing more militia in the area to help stop the chaos. Nevertheless army has been their but the intelligence has been minimal to know when people are planning to attack so that they can prepare and stop them in advance.
The President visited the affected areas and was shown the effects of the attacks as he inspected all the areas on foot as he was moving a rainy weather. The presidential visit has restored hopes of many who have been worried of the situation; there is an expectation that the president will engage the cultural leaders in the talks since the clashes are between tribes of the Bakonjo and Bamba.
Yoweri Museveni
Yoweri Kaguta in Rwenzori

Nasa Tushabe
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