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Rebecca Kadaga won’t be punished-NRM CEC

After undermining her party’s decision in the recently concluded race in the bid for the new speaker of parliament, rumors circulated of how former speaker Rebecca Kadaga would face disciplinary action from her party the NRM.

It should be recalled that a few days back, the NRM CEC endorsed Omolo county MP Jacob Oulanyah as the party flag bearer. This was to the dismay of Hon Rebecca Kadaga who was the incumbent by then. The second national chairperson of the party opted to run as an independent but eventually lost out to Oulanyah.

Justine Kasule Lumumba the NRM secretary general came out and said that Kadaga would only face disciplinary action if there was a formal petition against her behavior. No sooner had she announced this than the former government chief whip Ruth Nankabirwa filed one.

Nankabirwa maintained that Kadaga had to apologise to the party chairman Mr Museveni and the whole institution. However NRM top cadre, Rosemary Namanya while appearing on NBS’ morning talk show said Kadaga won’t be punished.

“There has not been any attempt to reprimand Hon. Kadaga. She is a top leader in the party and as of Friday, she attended the CEC meeting normally. We have had senior members of the party contest as independents before.” Namanya said.

This will be a much relief to Kadaga and her supporters who thought her political career might be foiled by the government. There has also been a rumor of Kadaga being appointed the vice president a position she clearly does not want.



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