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NUP Principal, Kyagulanyi Reproves Museveni for Locking the Country Again

National Unity Platform (NUP) principal, Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine has reproved President Museveni for locking down the country.

Kyagulanyi said that the country is in a critical condition and people are suffering from poverty and lockdown is not a solution at this moment.

President museveni on Friday while addressing the nation on covid-19 status, declared total lock down in country as a way of combating the spread of the deadly corona virus among citizens following the death of 234 Ugandans due to Covid-19 in the last one month.

He also banned all public transport and these include boda bodas, taxes and private cars from transporting passengers for 42 days accept those caring cargo but not exceeding two people.

Museveni said the measures put in place will help to contain and curb the increasing cases of Covid-19.

However, Kyagulanyi said that the move taken by the head of state is disreputable because the country had more than a year to plan and prepare for this moment.

“The money which Ugandans donated in the first lockdown was grossly mismanaged. The Auditor General’s report revealed grand corruption in the management of Covid-19 funds,” said Kyagulanyi.

While in countries like Malawi, the President cracked the whip and sacked ministers and officials who were involved in the fraud, Kyagulanyi said in our case, Museveni has instead reappointed or even elevated officials who have chosen to enrich themselves at the expense of the lives of Ugandans.

You cannot decide to impose a lockdown when people are in critical condition, Kyagulanyi said.

“The number of extremely poor and vulnerable Ugandans has been on the increase. Many Ugandans live hand to mouth. With no provision of social welfare, it is predictable what will happen, “he noted.

He said that the only solution to all these challenges poor Ugandans are going through is to liberate the country.




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