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I won the presidential election with over 85%- Bobi Wine to CNN

National Unity Platform (NUP) president Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu seems to still be disgruntled at the fact that the electoral commission declared Yoweri Museveni as the official winner of the 14th January presidential election instead of him.

Kyagulanyi has always maintained how he has proof that he won the election with a landslide victory.

He went ahead to assert this claim while appearing in an interview with American giant news network CNN.

The former Kyadondo East legislator a few days ago flew out of the country for official party duties and is currently in the US.

Kyagulanyi said that the incidents that surrounded the pre and post election period only pointed to one thing- he was the winner.

The singer turned politician said that the government had put him under house arrest, switched off the internet and arrested a number of his comrades unlawfully.

This all showed that the regime was scared of his massive win and influence.

“Gen Museveni rigged the election just as he always does every after five years. He organises elections which he goes ahead to rig including the recent one where I was the biggest opposition candidate. I’m here to tell you that am a voice of over 85% youths who voted me.” Kyagulanyi said.

He went ahead to say that his life was not safe since he was now an influential figure in Ugandan politics.

However, he added it was not only him but also majority of Ugandans who he was fighting hard to liberate.

Kyagulanyi went ahead to condemn the US and other Western powers for their continued support in form of funds to dictatorial governments in Africa.

He termed this as hypocritical andel contradictory because they condemn these dictators and go ahead to fund them.

The politician went ahead to appeal to these countries ton stop funding the what he termed as gross abuse of human rights.

He said Africa reserved a right  to have the best of human rights as other countries in the West.

Bobi Wine went ahead to tell these powers that they could further their interests in Africa through democratically elected leaders and not dictators.

Siggy Aine
Siggy Aine
Siggy Aine is a Ugandan Entertainment Journalist. A news reporter and writer for several Ugandan online newspapers and websites.


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