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Bewatte Might have been Murdered by the Regime to Stop Students’ Movements – Bobi Wine

In a twist of events, National Unity President (NUP) Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine says that the murder of Uganda Christian University Student Betungura Bewatte 27, who was killed in the final rallies of Makerere University Guild rallies, might have been pre-meditated and carefully planned by the government.

Bobi Wine said this why commenting on the recent events in the Makerere University Guild campaigns where a student was murdered by unknown people on July 14th 2022 near Nsibira Hall, at Makerere University.

Bobi Wine wonders why within less than a day after the incident happen, the university was quick to implement changes which among others abolished physical campaigns and suspended student leadership, arguing that the motive might have been the desire for the regime to stop student’s movements which are considered a threat to the current government.

“We are also not surprised that in less than 24 hours of the incident, the regime’s functionaries within the University had permanently banned physical campaigns and voting at the University. They also indefinitely suspended the entire student leadership structure both at Guild level and in the students’ halls of residence. Their intention is to stall the growth of the Students’ Movement which the regime considers a threat to its existence.” Bobi Wine said.

Forum for Democratic Change – FDC blamed NUP members for chaos which resulted into the death of Betungura, whom they accuse of starting the scuffle after they blocked the procession of Tukamushaba the FDC Candidate whom Betungura Bewatte had come to support, from proceeding to MUK Rugby Grounds for his final rally.

“Bewatte was stabbed yesterday evening, in a scuffle that ensued when Tukamushaba Justus’s procession was blocked and denied access by the NUP supporters and leaders present, at the MUK Rugby Grounds for our final campaign rally.” FDC said on July 15th 2022.

Bobi Wine in this case blamed FDC being quick to blame NUP for the death of their comrade even when the investigations are not yet complete.

“One of the most disappointing things about this incident was seeing some people who claim to be fighting for the same objective as us, trying to blame the murder on the NUP camp, even before investigations could start” – Bobi Wine

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In a statement released on July 15th 2022, NUP blamed the chaos on FDC Procession claiming that NUP’s procession was peaceful and NUP Candidate Alionzi Lawrence aka Dangote had finished addressing a peaceful a massive rally before FDC group started throwing stones at them. They distanced themselves from the murder.

“As our campaign team left the Rugby Grounds, another group of mainly outsiders who had come to campaign for another candidate attacked our team members. They started beating them and throwing stones at them, asking why they were leaving the rugby grounds where their own candidate was expected to hold a rally there.” NUP said in a statement.

Police says that they have so far arrested 3 in connection to the murder who include NUP’s Hon Kabuye Frank of Kassanda County South, Ssekiddde Allan and Kabuurwa Muzafaru who will be charged for inciting violence.

The murder of Bewatte remains a mystery that is yet to be solved, Police says that they have collected footage captured by witnesses, listened to stories from witnesses and also got CCTV camera footage all which are helping them to identify those that cause chaos and have them dealt with as the law dictates.

Nasa Tushabe
Nasa Tushabe
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