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Photos: How it went down in the cheapest concert of Bobi Wine Karamoja

Yesterday Bobi Wine held the cheapest concert in the country where entrance fee was UGX 500 and UGX 200, adults and Children respectively. The concert was aimed at fundraising for water and sanitation project for the Karamoja People.
The concert was held at Boma grounds in Moroto and Bobi Wine was among the artists to perform and the main performer of the day. Funds were collected and directed towards the project led by Viva Con Agua not only at the entrance but trough pledges and give aways.
The concert massively attended by the Karamaja not only because they were supporting the cause but because to them seeing Bobi Wine perform on stage was a great chance for them.
Besides the concert, Bobi Wine did other various things which included, launching the water project, visiting schools and talking to pupils, motivating the Gettho youth in Karamoja and many other activities
Below are the photos from the concert.
Bobi Wine Viva
Bobi Wine water
Bobi Wine
Bobi Wine Boma
Bobi Wine class
Bobi Wine Karamoj
Bobi Wine Karamoja water
Bobi Wine Karamoja
Bobi Wine Moroto
Bobi Wine mubanda

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