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Photos: How the National Beers day went down

Its April 7, the world is celebrating the National Beers Day. This day is unofficial, but celebrated countrywide in the United States and some other parts of the world. Much as the Holiday started and is widely celebrated in America, other countries especially those who are pro-west have started celebrating the holiday and among those is Uganda, Canada, Nigeria and the UK. As they celebrate the power of the beer.
The holiday started in 1933 when President Franklin Roosevelt of the U.S signed the law that legalized the selling, buying and drinking of beer which had the alcohol content of 4.05% the law went into effect on 7th April 7, 1993. Then why not we celebrate all in those countries where the drinking of the beer is official and legal! Upon signing the law, President Roosevelt said “I think this would be a good time for a beer” and since then it has been the best time for the liquor loved by many.
During the celebrations, people buy beers, drink the beer, celebrate with the beer and enjoy to the maximum with the beer as they praise the beer for the happiness it has been giving them in the last 364 days of the year. Below are some of the photos:
National Beer Day National Beer day 1 National Beer day 2 National Beer Day 3

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Nasa Tushabe
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