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Photos: Jackie Chandiru discharged from hospital, landlord throws her out

For the past one month singer Jackie Chandiru of ‘Gold digger’ fame has been admitted in hospital after being rescued by Balaam and Mesarch Ssemakula after abuuus!ng dr*gs.
Apparently Jackie had been over stressed by her love life and failed struggling music career and as a loner she had to find away out of her misery hence resorting to dr*g abus3.
First she was on heart medication and depression prescribed dr*gs but she over used them hence making her a ‘waste’ and leaving both her hand and legs almost all r0tt3n.
Good enough treatment has been responding good and a big improvement in her health has been acquired as she was discharged from the hospital to go back home and manage her life again but unfortunately on reaching home her landlord had already issued an eviction notice for her since she had not been paying rent and most so each penny was used to settle the hospital bills.
Jackie Chandiru 3
Jackie Chandiru 2
Jackie Chandiru
Chandiru jackie

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