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Patrick Salvador sends a farewell message to MC Kats

Confirmed news indicates that NTV celebrated MC and presenter Edwin Katamba mostly known as MC Kats was also one of the presenters stolen by competing station NBS TV.
Kats was scooped away from NTV to work for rival station NBS on a show called “After 5” leaving his famous programme “NTV Xpozed” in the hands of a younger and more fresh MC known as MC Esco who has been working for NTV sister station SPARK TV.
Most people were hurt watching Kats switching tv’s and shows including former workmate Douglas Lwanga and now the latest one to portray his loss is city comedian Patrick Idring Salvador who couldn’t stand the pain. he posted, “Good Luck on your new journey MC Kats this is just the beginning, I know more is yet to come. NBS TELEVISION peoples are good people”
Idring and Kats
It should be remembered that Salvador also a few years ago quit from Capital Fm and decided to concentrate more on his comedy life that’s why he’s able to comfort Kats right now.

Nasa Tushabe
Nasa Tushabe
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