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Here is why Pallaso is being forced to release the Bagwamu Video abusing Sheebah and Jeff

Team Good Music boss Pallaso and Team No Sleep boss Jeff Kiwa have rekindled their beef, a beef that started a few weeks ago. Pallaso is accusing Jeff Kiwa of fighting him trying to stop his success and he therefore says he won’t the let them attack him as he keeps quiet. He even alleges that the Wantama song from Sheebah Karungi is a direct diss song aimed at abusing him. That’s why he decided to produce a song “Bagwamu” dissing the two plus their crew how they faded.
However Pallaso had promised that he won’t release the video of the song because he doesn’t want to continue the war. But he says if they keep attacking him and/or if they produce a video against him he will directly produce the Bagwamu video.
Now Sheebah Karungi is about to release the Wantama Video a video directed by Jeff Kiwa which disses Pallaso, we do not expect Pallaso to behave like an angel when he is being trumped on, however he is saying that he will remain calm even after the Wantama video is produced but if his fans request the Bagwamu Video he will definitely oust it.
Pallaso compared TNS attacking him as a war between the inferior and the Superior. He equated it to a war between Emanuel Okwi against Cristiano Ronaldo or Someone with Atomic Bombs fighting the one with a Pistol. Very soon Pallaso will be unleashing his Atomic Bombs in the new Video Bagwamu as he replied Sheebah Karungi’s Wantama.

Nasa Tushabe
Nasa Tushabe
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