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Pallaso finally finds love in singer Shakira after Sheebah broke his heart

Hope the beef between singer Pallaso and Sheebah Karungi is ending since Pallaso has now got another singer to occupy the vacuum left by the Wantama singer Sheebah Karungi. The two who have been in an alleged beef for a period of over two weeks as many believe the problem has been because Sheebah stopped supplying her grains (Beans) to Pallaso after Pallaso left the TNS, and then that issue seems settled now, back to business.
Very many people thought that Spice Diana was going to take that place but it seems the onsanula singer was busy with Dr Fizol and could not get time to fill the lonely singer with love.
Pallaso yesterday posted a photo of her and his new friend Shakira whom they made a collabo together way back at the beginning of the year titled Tinkuula, and Pallaso captioned the photo “Tinkuula Ekitone”
Here is the photo of the two, Pallaso in shot as Shakira is in her hot pants with Pallaso crouch area seeming expanding as he looks at the pioneer booty of the upcoming singer.
Shakira and Pallaso

Nasa Tushabe
Nasa Tushabe
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