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Is Pallaso Fighting TNS Because Sheebah Broke His Heart?

A few weeks ago Sheebah released her Wantama audio and last weekend premiered its video and many people wondered whether she was directing it her former Team No Sleep colleague/partner Pallaso not until the “Twatoba” singer came out and broke the silence.
Nkwata Video Premier-Sheebah
But Pallaso who hasn’t been afraid to show how much he detests and dispises Jeff Kiwa said it was rather a weak attempt by his former manager ane music group and went on to say if he responds to this “Wantama” song he would be called a bad person.
If I respond with Bagwamu video I will be the bad person. That will be like unleashing Atomic Bombs on some one with a Pistol, Maddox vs Lucky Dube, Emanuel Okwi vs Christiano Ronaldo, Using Panadol to treat a Rabies bite, boda boda Vs bicycle, Go TV vs Dstv or Chicken tonight Vs KFC so unless the fans insist that we release Bagwamu video.’ he said
He still further went on to say that he will keep his cool and won’t address the issue of killing his brother AK47 and the unfair acts of TEam No Sleep,
God forgive them since that’s his job but if they keep on pushing buttons I will arrange the meeting very soon. But please don’t jump in the kitchen if you can’t handle the smoke !!
And now we are all still left in suspense as we don’t know where the eal fued starts from. Otherwise we shall always keep you updated about this whole drama.
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